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1003 is one of 224 Leyland Atlantean double deckers that entered service between 1970 and 1972 for the Public Transport Commission. The fleet numbers ran from 1001 to 1224. 


The chassis were built in England by British Leyland, and all were bodied locally by Pressed Metal Corporation of Revesby. 1003 was one of the very first buses to be completed, entering service on the first day of Atlantean operation on May 5th 1970. It was the first Atlantean to operate in revenue service from Mona Vale depot on the Northern Beaches. 


Initial Atlantean deliveries were to Brookvale and Mona Vale depots for Warringah area services, with later deliveries allocated to Randwick, Pagewood and Waverley depots for the very heavily patronised Eastern Suburbs services. Willoughby depot also recieved an allocation of Atlanteans.


Designed for one-man (driver only) operation, the Atlanteans were the subject of a bitter dispute between the Unions and the PTC regarding the phasing out of conductors. The stigma from this dispute remained with the buses until they were withdrawn from service. 


Towards the end of their service lives, approximately 30 Atlanteans were sent to Ryde depot and its satellite at Leichhardt for Victoria Rd and inner city services. Gradually though, as the Atlanteans were withdrawn from 1977 onwards and they shrunk back to a main sphere of operation on the Northern Beaches. 


By 1986, Atlanteans were only running on one route - the 189 between the City and Taylors Point. The end came on May 16, 1986 with 1179 becoming the last Atlantean to operate in Urban Transit Authority service. 


Over half the Atlantean fleet was sold to private bus companies, many being used as school buses in rural areas of NSW.


1003 was withdrawn in March 1981 with accident damage. A group of Museum members acquired the bus later that year for preservation. The bus remains in fully operational condition.




Engine: Leyland 680 6-cylinder diesel engine developing 150 B.H.P. at 2000 RPM, mounted transversely across the rear.


Transmission: Four speed air operated pneumocyclic gearbox incorporating an angle drive to a crown wheel and pinion differential. 


Brakes: Dual circuit air operated footbrake and a mechanical hand brake to the rear wheels.


Steering: Power assisted hydraulic. 

Leyland Atlantean 1003 at Kingsgrove Depot in 2015.
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