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AEC REGAL IV 9823E - 3197

3197 is an example of a second series Underfloor, purchased by the Department of Government Transport to finalise the tramway replacement program and to enable the last pre-World War II buses to be withdrawn from service.


The body was built by Clyde Engineering at Granville and it was completed in August 1959. It spent most of it's government career at Randwick depot, with a short stint at Brookvale depot before being withdrawn in September 1978. 


3197 was then sold to Fellowe's Bus Service, Swansea who registered it as m/o 4349. It was withdrawn from private service in 1983 and acquired for preservation soon after.


The bus was restored to near original condition and is a regular performer at Museum events.




Engine: 11.3 litre six cylinder AEC diesel, bore 4.72", stroke 5.59", 150 b.h.p. at 1800 rpm. 


Transmission: Four speed electropneumatic epicyclic gearbox driving a worm drive differential.


Brakes: Air operated foot brake and a mechanical park brake. 







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