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Between 1977 and 1990, the bulk of State Transit's new buses were German made Mercedes-Benz and MAN chassis, bodied locally to VOV-standard designs by Pressed Metal Corporation, Smithfield.


The last buses of this type were known as the 'Mark V' or 'Mark 5s'. These buses differed from the earlier marks by being Mercedes-Benz O405 chassis, ending the O305 domination. The Mark Vs again used a slightly different VOV-designed Pressed Metal Corporation body. They eventually numbered 247, and were delivered between 1987 and 1990.


Apart from 3071, which was the prototype, they were allocated fleet numbers between 3083 and 3252, and between 3305 and 3380. Numbers 3253 to 3302 were used for the MAN SL202 buses (of which the Museum has preserved 3302), and 3303-3304 Renault PR100.2s which used the same PMC body as the Mark Vs.


Buses 3251-3252 were unique, being CNG gas demonstrators and having underfloor gas tanks fitted as well as OM447HG engines.


Mark V buses appeared in many special roles during their time in service. Several were specially painted for the Bicentennial in 1988, as well as being used on the special 'Sydney Explorer', 'Airport Express' and 'Silver Service' (charter) services. Three were also specially modifed and wrapped as 'P class' trams for 'Tram Bus' services between Circular Quay and Darling Harbour in the early 1990s.


3377, the Museum's bus, was delivered to Kingsgrove Depot in mid-1990. The last five Mark Vs to be delivered, including 3377, were fitted with saloon heaters for use on the early 'Nightride' services covering the East Hills line to Campbelltown.


In late 1994, the delivery of new 'gas' Scania CNG L113CRBs to Kingsgrove saw a large number of Mark Vs transferred to Newcastle, including 3377. The bus recieved an refurbishment in March 2007 into 'John Lee' corporate livery which retained the blue & white but deleted the red stripe.


3377 continued to operate for Newcastle Buses, including being fitted with Opal ticketing equipment, until September 3th 2015 when it was withdrawn from service. On September 8th the bus was transferred to Sydney for decomissioning, before being donated to the Museum for preservation.


The bus is currently in secure off-site storage.



Engine: Rear underfloor mounted Mercedes-Benz OM447H 6-cylinder 11.9 litre diesel engine developing 157kw at 2200 r.p.m. Bore 128mm, stroke 155mm.


Gearbox: Three-speed Mercedes-Benz W3E112 automatic gearbox with inbuilt hydraulic retarder to a hub-reduction gear assembly.


Brakes: Dual circuit air brakes with ABS, gearbox hydraulic retarder and spring applied parking brake. Additionally retro-fitted with a Broms low-air safety device.

3377 Newcastle Hamilton Depot
3377 in service at Newcastle in 2015.
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