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Pioneer Coaches of Bexley was established in 1931 by Mr C. Iffland. The company operated Route 112 from Rockdale to Bexley via Hurstville.


634 is typical of private buses built in the early 1950s.


The chassis was one of the first AEC Reliance chassis imported from the UK, and the body was built by Motor Body Assemblers (MBA) of Camperdown in early 1957. The body is a timber frame with aluminium panelling, and seats 46 passengers.


m/o 634 ran for Pioneer Coaches for nearly 30 years, and was retired in 1986. The bus was then sold to a Museum member for preservation.

634 is currently off the road awaiting some mechanical attention but it is hoped this will be carried out soon. 




Engine: Six cylinder overhead valve AEC AH 470 diesel engine, horizontally mounted underfloor, developing 104 B.H.P. at 1,800 R.P.M.


Transmission: Five speed synchromesh gearbox to a crown wheel and pinion differential.


Brakes: Air operated footbrake to all wheels and a mechanical hand brake to the rear wheels.


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