The Sydney Bus Museum has been given a unique opportunity to acquire one of the earliest single deck underfloor buses operated by the NSW Government, No. 2713, for inclusion in the Sydney Bus Museum collection.

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About 2713

2713 is a Leyland Royal Tiger OPSU1, built with a Commonwealth Engineering body. The bus was delivered new in 1953 to the NSW Department of Government Transport in Sydney and had an experimental ‘standee’ seating layout.


In 1961, the bus was transferred from Brookvale Depot to operate in Newcastle. There it remained in service until it was retired in 1977.


During its service life in Newcastle, it received several ‘Newcastle modifications’, including new front doors, a modified colour scheme, seat altered to include a luggage area, fiberglass cash tray, rubber mounted destination and route box windows and high louvers on the rear doors.


The Museum has two Newcastle buses in its collection. They include Leyland double decker 2033 and Mercedes Benz Mk5 3377, both kept in ‘as withdrawn’ condition and representative of the former NSW Government bus operation in Newcastle. The Museum plans to restore 2713 to ‘Newcastle’ condition and will fill a significant gap in our collection.


50 Leyland Royal Tiger OPSU 1/1 pre-selectors were delivered between 1953-1954, with fleet numbers 2701 – 2720, 2731 – 2740, 2751 – 2752, 2821 – 2830 and 2842 – 2849. These buses were all transferred to Newcastle in the early 1960s and finished service life in the late 70s.


2713 was sold in 1977 and has spent most of its life under cover in the dry climate of Lightning Ridge, NSW. The bus is operable and in remarkable condition, which makes it a worthy candidate for restoration.

How you can help

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