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Fearnes Coaches of Wagga Wagga was founded in 1916 by William Fearne and William Borlase. Borlase pulled out of the operation in the mid 1920s, however the Fearnes family continued to own and operate Fearnes Coachlines until 2008, when Audrey Fearne retired and the operation was sold to Busabout.


Originally built in 1958 for the Adelaide Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT), and comprised of a Freighter Lawton/Smith body on a Leyland CRT2/1 Worldmaster chassis. Its original MTT fleet number was 945. 


The bus was withdrawn from service in Adelaide in early 1973, and purchased by Fearnes. However, before it could be registered in NSW the vehicle had to be narrowed to meet NSW's more stringent width requirements. Receiving NSW registration MO 4420 in August, 1973, the vehicle was operated on route and school bus services around Wagga Wagga. 


In 1981, 4420 was withdrawn from service and sent to Custom Coaches in Sydney. There it received a completely new body of 1980s style, and was returned to service still registered as MO 4420 in January, 1982. It continued in service until the mid-2000s.


A number of Fearnes employees and volunteers then overhauled and restored the bus, and in January, 2008 the bus was donated to the Museum for continued preservation. 


This exhibit remains in a fully operational condition.



Engine: Underfloor mid-mount 11.3 litre Leyland 0.680 diesel engine developing 150 B.H.P. at 1500 R.P.M.


Transmission: Four speed electropneumatic epicyclic gearbox to a crown wheel and pinion differential.


Brakes: Air foot brake and a Broms spring applied park brake.

4420 at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. Liam Brundle.

4420 at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. Liam Brundle.

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