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In the mid 1960s, following trials of the two prototype 'Whippy' buses (Leyland Leopard 3520 & AEC Reliance 3521), the Department of Government Transport (DGT) placed an order with Leyland Motors Ltd for 232 Leopard chassis.


Pressed Metal Corporation (PMC) of Revesby won the contract to manufacture the bodies for these buses, numbered 3522 to 3753. The delivery of these vehicles enabling the withdrawal of the last 'crash box' buses in Government service (90 Leyland OPD1, and 143 CX19 Albion double-deckers).


The new Leopards were fitted with airbag suspension, fresh air ventilation, and featured changes to the location of the doors - which were now located at the very front, and at the middle of the body. The basic design of the Leopards was carried through until the last PMC-bodied Mercedes-Benz buses in 1990. The 'Mark I' Leopards were delivered in the DGT green and cream livery, and were known as 'Green Leopards', distinct from the Mark II or 'Blue Leopards'.


All Leopards were delivered with safety features such as dual circuit air brakes, and the last 50 Mark Is (3704 - 3753) were delivered with centre door safety edges, and rear door interlocks.


Approximately half the Green Leopard fleet was allocated to Newcastle at one time or another during their service life with the government.


3752 entered service on January 2, 1970, and was the last of the type to enter service. Allocated to Enfield Depot (now closed) for all of its service life, it operated services to Cabarita, Mortlake, Burwood, Ashfield and to the City along Parramatta Road. It was withdrawn on December 31, 1985, after nearly 16 years in service.


Upon application by the Museum, the Urban Transit Authority (UTA) agreed to place 3752 on permanent loan. The State Transit Authority (STA) has since handed the vehicle over to the Museum.


In 1988, the vehicle was repainted into as-delivered green and cream livery. 

The vehicle remains operable, being used on occasional event days. 



Engine: Six-cylinder Leyland 0.680 CID diesel engine, horizontally underfloor mounted, developing 150 B.H.P. at 2,000 R.P.M.


Transmission: Four speed air operated pneumocyclic gearbox to a crown wheel and pinion differential.


Brakes: Dual circuit air brakes and a mechanical hand brake to the rear wheels.

3752 en route to Mortlake, October, 1977. Alan Travers SBM Archives. 

3752 en route to Mortlake, October, 1977.

Alan Travers SBM Archives

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