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Following the Second World War, Leyland Motors Limited supplied a number of chassis to the Department of Road Transport and Tramways (DRTT). In total, this consisted of 90 OPD1 chassis fitted with constant mesh gearboxes, followed by 203 OPD2/1 chassis fitted with synchromesh gearboxes, and finally a batch of 50 special order OPD2/1 chassis fitted with Wilson Pre-Selector gearboxes.


2761 is an example of the last batch of 50 fitted with Wilson Pre-Selector gearboxes. Bodied by Clyde Engineering of Granville and completed in July, 1953, 2761 was stored until February, 1954 as the DRTT had adopted the practice of stockpiling vehicles in readiness for the conversion of tram routes to bus operation.


Initially operating from Kingsgrove, and later Willoughby Depots until 1969, 2761 was then transferred to Newcastle with the remaining 49 Leyland Pre-Selectors in service. In 1973 it returned to Kingsgrove Depot, where it ran from until March, 1976 when it was withdrawn and purchased for conversion to a caravan. The conversion however did not go ahead, and the vehicle instead languished in a backyard at Greenacre until 1981.


In 1981, a syndicate of members purchased the bus for preservation after it became clear that the caravan project would never be realised. In 1995, it underwent a major body restoration.


2761 is one of the main workhorses of the Museum fleet, and regularly features at major events and Sunday Open Days.


Engine: 9.8 litre six cylinder Leyland 0.600 diesel engine, bore 4.8", stroke 5.5", 125 b.h.p. at 1800 RPM.


Transmission: Air operated four speed Wilson pre-selector gearbox to a worm drive differential. 


Brakes: Air operated footbrake and mechanical park brake. 

2761 at Lilyfield. October 6, 2018. Liam Brundle.

2761 at Lilyfield, October 6, 2018. Liam Brundle.

2761 on Brunker Rd, Adamstown whilst in Newcastle. August 12, 1972.  Alan Travers, SBM Archives.

2761 on Brunker Road, Adamstown whilst in Newcastle. August 12, 1972.  Alan Travers, SBM Archives.

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