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MAN SL202 - 3302

Between 1977 and 1990, the bulk of deliveries to the Public Transport Commission/Urban Transit Authority (PTC/UTA) were German built Mercedes-Benz and MAN chassis, bodied locally by Pressed Metal Corporation (PMC), Smithfield.

1,564 of the buses delivered during this period were Mercedes-Benz types, either O305 or O405, and between 1987 and 1990, 247 O405 'Mark V' buses were delivered. However, during 1989, there was a gap in Mercedes-Benz deliveries, and 50 MAN SL202 chassis were ordered. 

These received the same PMC Galvastress 'Metro 90' bodies as the Mark Vs, and were allocated fleet numbers 3252 to 3302 (buses 3303 and 3304 were Renault PR100.2 chassis). These Metro 90 bodies featured Beclawat 4-piece sliding windows, perforated ceiling linings to reduce noise, and vinyl bench seating for 53 passengers. 

Buses 3252 to 3282 were delivered fitted with Voith D851.2 3-speed automatic gearboxes, and were all allocated to Willoughby Depot , serving the North Shore region. The remaining 20, 3283 to 3302, were fitted with ZF 5HP500 5-speed gearboxes and were sent to Randwick Depot in the Eastern Suburbs. 

All were withdrawn in May, 2013 as part of a fleet optimization program, with comparatively few surviving into preservation. 

The Museum's example, 3302, was completed and delivered to Randwick Depot in October, 1989, as the last bus of the order. It was fitted with 'kneeling' equipment as a trial, enabling the front of the bus to be lowered to enable easy access to the front door.


3302 remained at Randwick for its entire service life, serving the Eastern region and making many trips to the beachside suburbs such as Bondi, Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra. 3302 was withdrawn with the other SL202s on Friday May 10, 2013, and delivered to the Museum shortly after.


3302 is presently in off-site secure storage.


Engine: Rear underfloor mounted MAN D2566UH 11.4-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine, producing 155kw at 2200 RPM. Bore 125mm, stroke 155mm, Bosch fuel pump and injectors.

Transmission: ZF 5HP500 five-speed automatic gearbox with inbuilt hydraulic retarder to a hub-reduction rear axle assembly.

Brakes: Dual circuit air brakes with ABS, hydraulic retarder, bus stop brake and Maxi spring-applied parking brake. 

Suspension: Air bellows type with front door kneel.

Weight: 9.6 tons. 

3302 operating a 373 passing through Randwick Junction, February 2012. John Ward SBM Archives.

3302 operating a 373 passing through Randwick Junction, February 2012. John Ward SBM Archives.

3302 on Pitt Street at Central Station nearing its terminus of Railway Square, 2007. John Ward SBM Archives.

3302 on Pitt Street at Central Station nearing its terminus of Railway Square, 2007. John Ward SBM Archives.

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