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Between 1977 and 1978, 199 Mercedes-Benz buses were delivered to the NSW Public Transport Commission (PTC). These were all bodied by Pressed Metal Corp. Fleet numbers started at 1766 and finished with 1965.


Following the delivery of further Mercedes-Benz buses from 1978 onwards, this first group of buses became known as the Mark I. The fleet was allocated evenly across four depots - the first 50 to Randwick, the next 50 to Pagewood, the third 50 to Waverley and the final 49 to Kingsgrove. One bus in the order, number 1951, was bodied by Pressed Metal Corp with a VOV- designed body as the prototype for the next order of Mercedes-Benz buses, which became the Mark II. 


1923, the Museum's example, entered service at Kingsgrove on May 4th, 1978. From Kingsgrove it saw use on 'Green line' services through Newtown to the City, cross-country routes from Rockdale to Drummoyne and 'bayside' services around Brighton-le-Sands and Sans Souci. 


All 199 of the Mark I's recieved mid-life refurbishments and were repainted into the Mark II colour scheme of a darker blue and white. 1923 was withdrawn from service on January 10th, 1992 after travelling 580,000kms.


In May of that year it was transferred to the Museum for preservation and display. The State Transit Authority has since vested ownership of the bus in the name of the Museum. Since then the bus has undergone a restoration into the original PTC colour scheme. 


It remains in fully operational condition. 



Engine: Rear underfloor horizontal 11.1 litre Mercedes-Benz OM407h six cylinder diesel engine developing 200hp at 2200 RPM.


Transmission: Three speed Mercedes-Benz W3D,080 automatic gearbox with inbuilt hydraulic retarder.  


Brakes: Dual circuit air brakes and spring-applied parking brake.

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