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In 1994, the State Transit Authority of NSW took delivery of a revolutionary new vehicle. It was given the fleet number 3511.

3511 is a Scania L113CRL with an Ansair Orana body. It was the very first 'low floor' bus to enter service in Sydney, meaning it had stepless entry and access to the main saloon of the bus.


It toured all Sydney and Newcastle Buses depots, later settling down on the Route 300 & 350 Airport Express services. For this it wore the distinctive green and yellow Airport Express livery. 

Following the end of it's Airport Express stint, it received an overhaul and settled down into regular route service from Randwick Depot, where it remained until it's withdrawal from service in late 2019. 

This bus has been acquired for the Sydney Bus Museum collection because of its historical significance.


The Sydney Bus Museum would like to thank the State Transit Authority for making this bus available to us to share with the public and be exhibited at the museum and events in future years.


Whilst some may not consider these buses to be old, they represent significant milestones in the development and history of Sydney Buses and will form part of the story we tell and be preserved for future generations.

A brochure for the introduction of 3511 to the Sydney Buses fleet can be found here courtesy of Paul McCabe (opens as a PDF document). 

3511 Brochure.JPG
Low Floor Scania L113CRL 3511 and Gas Sc
3511 in Airport Express livery at Circul
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