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Between 1946 and 1951, 64 AEC Regal III chassis were bodied by Syd Wood (Bankstown) and Commonwealth Engineering (Granville) for the Department of the Interior (DOI), Canberra. These buses were used for route service in the growing capital city. 


The Syd Wood bodied buses were delivered between October 1946 and June 1948, the Commonwealth Engineering buses between November 1948 and June 1951. The Museum's bus, 60160, was the third-last bus in the order and was delivered in 1951. It was registered C-60160 under the Commonwealth registration system. 


Retired from DOI service in February 1965, and was sold to Red Top Transport in Sydney. Red Top in turn sold it to Matt Campbell of Bungendore, who operated the Queanbeyan to Bungendore service. It was registered (NSW) MO 201, and remained in service until 1976. 


It was then purchased by a member for preservation and underwent a major restoration to original condition, including replacement of framework, body panels and re-installation of the rear door, removed during its time at Bungendore. 


In 2008 the bus was purchased by the Museum and was repainted into the Canberra livery of fawn and canary yellow bands by Custom Coaches at no cost to the Museum. Rewiring of the vehicle in 2013 completed its restoration to fully operational condition. 



Engine: 7.7 litre 6 cylinder AEC diesel engine developing 96 B.H.P. at 1800 R.P.M.


Transmission: Four speed 'crash' gearbox to a worm drive differential.


Brakes: Vacuum footbrake to all wheels, and a mechanical park brake. 

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