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DAY 2024

Sunday, 15th of September, 2024

Join us at the Sydney Bus Museum for our popular annual London Transport Day for 2024

and celebrate all things British! With three genuine London double deckers, and a number of other British vehicles on display this is a fun filled day not to be missed!

The Historic LT Buses



3708 is the Museum's older LT bus, being and example of the extremely populous RT type built in 1953. The RT was the first bus truly designed to suit London, and to integrate within LT's vision for efficiency with their works at Aldenham. 

Withdrawn from Southall Garage in 1978, 3708 came to Australia in 1984 when purchased by Rebel Air Tours. The Museum acquired this exhibit in 1989. 


1708 is of the reknowned Routemaster design, introduced to replace LT's ageing RTs. The RMs were extremely modern for their time, with extensive use of aluminium, two subframes in lieu of a chassis, semi-auto transmission, power assisted steering and hydralic braking.

The Museum's example is a later 1963 delivery, withdrawn in 1988 and sold to Mr Collins of Dianella, Western Australia who imported it. Purchased by the Museum in 1998, it was then shipped to Sydney. 

2024's Guest Vehicles

1965 Routemaster RML2353, courtesy of Red London Bus Sydney
london cab_edited.jpg
London FX4 Taxi, courtesy of Black Cab Central
PLUS more excellently restored UK vehicles yet to be announced!

Check back soon for tickets and more info

Photos courtesy of Frank Wang, Red London Bus Sydney and Black Cab Central.

Header: Liam Brundle. 

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