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Originally registered as M/O 8766, this exhibit was numbered 251 in the Busways fleet. A 1994 Mercedes-Benz O405 with Custom Coaches body, 251 is an example of the hundreds of O405s which were typical of many private operators throughout NSW during the 1990s and 2000s.

The O405s provided many years of faithful service to the Western and South-Western Suburbs of Sydney, in addition to the Central Coast. 251 was originally delivered to Busways' Blacktown Depot as M/O 8766, then transferred to their Gosford Depot where it was re-registered as 6515 MO, and finally was in service at Blacktown Depot where it was once again re-registered as M/O 6235.

Withdrawn from service at Blacktown Depot, 251 was officially handed over to the Museum for preservation at Busways' Penrith Depot on December 10, 2017. The handing-over was done at an event marking 75 years of Busways operations. The original style red and yellow stripes were reapplied by Busways prior to the bus being acquired by the Museum.  

251 remains an operational exhibit, stored securely off-site. 


Engine: 12.0 litre six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM447h diesel engine, bore 128mm, stroke 155mm, developing 250 h.p.


Gearbox: Four speed ZF 4HP500 automatic gearbox.


Brakes: Dual circuit air brakes, a spring applied parking brake and a hydraulic gearbox retarder.

251 at the Museum site. SBM Archives.

251 at the Museum site. SBM Archives.

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