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Hong Kong Bus Day 2024

Updated: Feb 15

This year we celebrated the start of the Lunar New Year across two dates, February 4th and 11th, with our two genuine ex-Hong Kong exhibits ML1 and ME30 providing rides on the CBD service from the Museum in Leichhardt to the Queen Victoria Building. The Museum's exhibits were joined by Leyland Olympian BL66, in private hands, making a trio of HK vehicles on offer for our visitors.

Despite the disturbances to the service caused by protest action, our volunteers were quick to recover with a diversionary route perhaps even better than the original! From 2.00pm the buses were routed across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, giving visitors the chance to combine two icons in the one visit. Over 800 people attended the Museum across the two Sundays, with nothing but praise for the condition of the exhibits and the enthusiasm of our dedicated volunteers and staff. The Museum had a number of ex-CMB and ex-KMB exhibits including signs, destination signs and photographs on display for visitors - reels of footage taken during the 1970s and 80s were up on the projector screen showcasing the exhibits in use as they were back in Hong Kong.

Incase you missed our HK buses they will return for our Deckers in the Night event in June, and this ever popular event will return in 2025 for the next Lunar New Year.

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