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Lorna Hutchings Celebrates 60 Years!

On Thursday, February 8th one of our volunteer crews were tasked with a very special job - to take 2761 to Kingsgrove Depot to celebrate the amazing achievements of Lorna Hutchings who this month reached a record 60 years of service within the bus industry.

Lorna began her career with the then Department of Government Transport in February, 1964 working as a Conductress. By the 1974, she had already made history becoming the first female Driver to work out of Burwood Depot - and was one of the first female drivers to drive NSW Government Buses since women's appointment to the role in 1970. She has since risen to the position of Depot Officer at TSA's Kingsgrove Depot, having worked in a number of supervisory positions since her days as a driver. Lorna has since been immortalised in a mural at Burwood Depot, commemorating her time there as a Driver. You can read more here.

It was our pleasure to reunite her with one of the buses she herself had even driven in service! Leyland OPD2/1 2761 had been at Kingsgrove while Lorna was on the Driver's Roster there, and she recalled the many times she'd taken it into service.

Following presentations from Transit Systems officials, and countless well-wishes from current and former colleagues, Lorna cut the official cake to commemorate her 60 years of dedication to moving the people of Sydney.

Interviewed by Daniel Doody from Chanel 10, Lorna appeared on the news that evening. You can watch the story here!

We'd like to thank TSA for their ongoing support of the Museum, making it possible for us to celebrate the amazing achievements of people like Lorna! TSA regularly work with the SBM to help keep our exhibits on the road for the public to enjoy.

We wish Lorna all the best into the future, and hope she has many more happy years on the buses!

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